SGP Consulting | Services
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With both structural and civil design offered, SGP is often engaged where difficult sites requiring site drainage and retaining walls present problems and require a sound knowledge of procedures and notices required under the Building Act 1993.

Structural Engineering


SGP has always maintained a strong work flow in both small and large residential projects providing structural computations and drawings for jobs ranging from single beam and lintel designs through to multi-storey buildings.

Typical Services:

  • Soil reports including bore logs
  • All slabs; waffle, raft, slab on bored / screw piers, pad footings and paving
  • Structural design services, steel and timber design / engineering including connections and detailing. Extensive experience with two-storey residences with construction costs ranging from $500k – $1M
  • Load bearing brickwork and lintels
  • Wind bracing
  • Canopies and shade sails including columns and footings


Our business also has a history of providing varied engineering services to the industrial / commercial / government sectors some typical, some unique.

Typical Services:

  • Design and detailing of reinforced concrete and prestressed reinforced concrete members, suspended slabs and tilt-slabs
  • Precast panel design, temporary propping layouts, connections and fastenings
  • Erection / lifting / removal sequences and procedures for PCPs, steel and propping
  • Steel portal frames
  • Lifts, access stairs and landings
  • Walkways and railings
  • Access / force loading e.g. cranes

Other Structural Services

  • Preparation of structural computations and structural drawings
  • Computer modelling of 3-D structures for analysis and design techniques
  • Site inspections to supervise / approve construction elements including footings PCP fastenings; propping erection / removal
  • Certificates of Compliance; design, inspection
  • As required structural assessments, e.g. for insurance claims or structural opinion. Our business is a preferred ENData (supporting IAG Group and entities e.g. RACV, CGU etc.) specialist for structural engineer investigation and reporting in central Victoria
  • Preparation of tender issue documents
  • Shop drawing and other engineering reviews
  • Experience in reviewing / evaluating ‘contracts in dispute’ including variations

Civil Engineering

SGP has extensive civil engineering experience and has undertaken numerous projects.


Typical Services:

  • Site drainage including retention, sewerage and water main extensions
  • Retaining walls
  • Suspended and other walkways / decks including compliant handrails in parks / reserves or for other outdoor purposes
  • Concrete and other bonding
  • Pavement design and detailing
  • Preparation of civil drawings
  • Certificates of Compliance
  • Authority submissions and project meetings / coordination